Brian Zepp, Tom Barnard KQ Morning Show

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Also, you can't Listen to Brian on the KQ Morning Show any longer but you can listen to him on KQRS Weekdays 4-7PM and Wednesdays 7-8pm on 105.1 hosting the Angler & Hunter Outdoor Radio show.

Disclaimer: This site is not associated with Brian Zepp, this has been created by someone that after 20 years finially got ticked off at Tom Barnard, when he decided he wanted Zepp off the show. Well Zepp seems like to much of a class act to publicly bitch about it (unlike Tom), so I decded to put up a little website. Here it is, please post your thoughts!

As a long time listener to the KQ Morning show, Like many others, I have been getting annoyed with Tom Barnard. In fact the last year has been a rough listen. The only reason I have held on as a listener was because of Zepp. His humor, quick wit and point of view has been the highlight of most peoples mornings.

Tom has made it very clear in the last few months that he wanted Zepp off the show, both on Air and on Tom's own Twitter. With the events the week of September 30th, 2013 it looks like he has suceeded. Well I feel Cumulus needs to know who the real talent of the show is, so I decided to create a simple web page and Facebook page so the listeners can chime in and have a voice. Please like the page and lets get Brian to take over the Morning Show once Tom's contract is up.
Wether or not this was a result of Tom or Brians choice we will never know. Unlike Tom, Zepp is to much of a class act to come out and say it. Per Brian's Twitter Page he says " Well the short story is I want to work afternoons. I'll be on KQ 4-7pm." If that is true Congrats!